You're hereby seriously invited to
the 32nd annual Gypsy Christmasfest
on Friday, Dec. 8,
with socializing starting at 6PM, 
dinner at 7PM sharp.

Tickets are $30 per person
and must be purchased in advance,

either at Gypsy Divers or ON-LINE RIGHT NOW!

Gypsy Christmasfests are for all divers and friends of divers who recognize their good fortune in being involved in such a wonderful community and who want to celebrate that involvement.

Gypsy Christmasfests are always fun - so come dressed the way you think you should dress to have a lot of fun at a Gypsy Christmas party! (hint: think "nice tropical casual".)

This year we're pleased to announce
the event will be catered by
Mums Jamaican Restaurant -
Expect a variety of tasty dishes.

And you may BYOB or purchase beverages here at AirTech's famous Dive 14.7 BAR.

And all of us together will create a wonderful warm evening full of friendship and joy in this, our 31st year of celebrating the essence of gypsyhoodshipnessism.

Our Christmasfest is one of the core activities of Gypsy Divers, and has been since 1984. A truly unique and wonderful group of people just like you show up to share food and memories of this past year's dives and to make plans for future diving adventures.

We will have some great fun door prizes - with all profits this year going to Dive Hearts in Virginia Beach - a low-overhead charity directly delivering disaster aid to Puerto Rico. PLEASE come prepared to support a wonderful cause. You can check them out on Facebook - search for Dive Hearts, 

How do we raise the money and how is it distributed? We raise the money through the sales of admission tickets, raffle tickets and proceeds from the silent auction. And yes, those who buy the most raffle tickets are statistically more likely to win more prizes, but this is a charity event: our goal is to raise money with good humor and compassion for others, not to fret over unfair competition for the goodies.

You will be able to purchase raffle tickets in advance on-line (See below) or at Gypsy Divers, or right up until raffle-time at the Xmasfest. 

Typically, the admission ticket covers the dinner event costs, and all of the money from the door prize ticket sales go the charity. Possible exceptions are when we can't get an item donated entirely, but determine that it's value is such that the money we do have to pay is significantly less than the money this item will bring in. If we can't find additional sponsors for that item, then some of the funds raised will be used to cover that cost.

We will also have a silent auction, where ALL of the proceeds go to our charity. We encourage YOU to donate something - and to post us if you're bringing something so we can prepare the space and the paperwork.

Here's Dave's history of the previous 31 Gypsy Christmasfests.

Expect a truly warm and wonderful time. Ask anyone who has ever attended one of our Christmas events. Divers are great people, and a room full of divers is a great event indeed.

But get your tickets NOW, as we can only hold so many people and this event does generally sell out.


Everyone at Gypsy is looking forward to sharing some Christmas Joy with you and yours.