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Welcome to 12,800 square feet of wonderfully exciting in-water activities.  We're a family-owned, full-service dive shop, teaching sport diving at all levels and selling/servicing some great diving equipment. We've also got a very active swim school, and we also provide lap-swimming opportunities for adults. We're conveniently located just off the Raleigh beltline at New Bern Ave. Our pool is warm (88 degrees), clean, and clear, and the people who work here will always be happy to have you visit.  Hope to see you soon. 

You're hereby seriously invited to
the 32nd annual Gypsy Christmasfest
on Friday, Dec. 8,
with socializing starting at 6PM, 
dinner at 7PM sharp.

Tickets are $30 per person
and must be purchased in advance.

Gypsy Christmasfests are for all divers and friends of divers who recognize their good fortune in being involved in such a wonderful community and who want to celebrate that involvement.

Gypsy Christmasfests are always fun - so come dressed the way you think you should dress to have a lot of fun at a Gypsy Christmas party! (hint: think "nice tropical casual".)

This year we're pleased to announce
the event will be catered by
Mums Jamaican Restaurant -
Expect a variety of tasty dishes.

More details here.