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Welcome to 12,800 square feet of wonderfully exciting in-water activities.  We're a family-owned, full-service dive shop, teaching sport diving at all levels and selling/servicing some great diving equipment. We've also got a very active swim school, and we also provide lap-swimming opportunities for adults. We're conveniently located just off the Raleigh beltline at New Bern Ave. Our pool is warm (88 degrees), clean, and clear, and the people who work here will always be happy to have you visit.  Hope to see you soon. 

It's Our Annual TravelFest Saturday, October 7
10A to 5P at Gypsy Divers
Terri Huber - the person responsible for putting together almost every GypsyTrip in the last 6 years. Terri will be here to answer any questions you may have about any of our upcoming GypsyTrips - or about any dive destination you'd like to discuss. She can quote accurate rates and airfare information and even book your trip while you wait. 

Michael Paquette - the SCUBAPRO rep for the Southeast, who will be here to talk to you about SCUBAPRO dive systems, the exciting new Hydros BCD that is getting so much press these days. and the brand new G2 computer (Our personal favorite).

Dave, BIlly, Dennis, Shannon, Lauryn, Randy, Rusty and a host of other Gypsy folks, instructors, and tour leaders who'll be here to stretch improbable stories to the breaking point and to enjoy the day with you

We'll also be offering the following specials:

  • We'll have three awesome SCUBAPRO total dive systems on sale, priced at $1399, $2365, and $3,171. Each is designed to be lightweight and easy to pack and travel with. The more expensive systems have higher performing regs and air-integrated computers, but there's plenty of quality and durability in each package. All 3 come with the unparalleled SCUBAPRO Parts For Life warranty. And we're offering the following on Saturday only:
    • Buy the $1399 package and we'll give you a $100 travel voucher good towards ANY GypsyTrip in 2017. Buy the $2,365 package and we'll give you a $200 travel voucher. Buy the $3,171 package and we'll give you a $300 voucher. We want you DIVING!
  • And if you've already own your own TDS, consider these deals: 
    • Come carefully look over the new SCUBAPRO Hydros BCD. If you decide you want one, we'll give you a $200 trade-in for ANY BCD towards the Hydros
    • Come look at the amazing SCUBAPRO G2 computer - we'll give you a $200 trade-in for any computer if you decide to upgrade.
  • Come look at our 2018 and beyond trip schedule. Put a deposit down on any trip and we'll give you an awesome SCUBA UPf 50 short sleeeve rash guard absolutely free ($60 value). If you've already signed up for a future trip, just make an additional $200 payment and you can have the same deal. 


And just FYI: Here's our current trip schedule for 2018 
(Note - we WILL be adding more destinations!)


Please come visit us October 7. We promise a truly wonderful day featuring the chance to add a full week or two of awesomely outrageous adventure to your life.

For certified divers interested in having a lot of fun and accelerating their diving experience at the same time -

the Master Diver Challenge.

Fantasy Lake fun dives and Cook-out Sep 9